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rathlindri 31st January 2014 17:24

What I did with my Rover 75/MG ZT today?
Perhaps this might work??

The subject for commenting on is unlimited...for example: perhaps you washed, fixed, cleaned, crashed (hope not), sold, bought, modified, passed/failed mot, etc etc anything goes ..... you get the idea. Just thought it might be a successful format for a thread here also?

Anyway, I'll get the ball rolling...

Today I fitted the 5 wiper blades recommended by pab and I'm well pleased with them. Also rodded the plenum drain which had about 1/2 inch of water in it....some leaf litter in the drain pipe..

anyone else??

cusm 31st January 2014 17:30

I lost all feeling in my fingers, changing drop links.

Mikeal1 31st January 2014 17:55

Today I changed my miss matched passenger front and rear doors, now all panels on my car match!

BruLan 31st January 2014 18:03

Today I inflated both Front Tyres to 32 PSI , thought I needed the wheels balancing but this did the trick :}

DAS68 31st January 2014 18:08

Today I replaced the clips on the fuel hoses on my UBP to stop a leak after putting a new UBP on yesterday

Simon.h 31st January 2014 18:09

Removed the front speakers that MGR got from the pound bin and replaced them with high power ones.

dattrike 31st January 2014 18:16


I changed my leather auto knob for a BM wobbly walnut one.


KernowRover 31st January 2014 18:46

I changed the thermostat and engine temp. sensor on my 75

nomzamo999 31st January 2014 18:48

Drove to Newquay for a paediatric first aid course, then on to Launceston to work, via home (St. Blazey). Strangely, I didn't see a single 75 or ZT all day. I normally see four or five 75s and at least one ZT.

Booked a service at my local garage (across the road from me).
I don't have a garage, and this is really not the weather for mucking about changing oil on the street.

Lordy 31st January 2014 18:48

Gave the EGR one last clean with a chissel, WD40, wet and dry and a rag.

Result cleaner then its ever have been.

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