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wptk999 25th August 2008 20:31

Lowline to Hiline upgrade - started at last!
Some of you may recall about 10 months ago I bought a load of satnav and audio gear as a job lot on ebay. From Denmark! Work, family and other cars have kept me busy but I've finally got around to installing it.

I thought it would be straightforward - after all, I had all the kit in a box.

Well, getting the car ready for the install was OK. Bit of a struggle getting the back seat out, but otherwise OK. Once I'd tidied up the new wiring harness, it wasn't too hard threading it all through the car. Once I'd worked out that it's easier if you started from the boot! I did it on my own, but it's really a two person job.

All the connectors are colour coded, so all the bits got plugged in. I decided to check it all before I threaded the wiring harness up through the dash.

It didn't work...... The CD changer clunked and checked itself. The screen on teh head unit had a white strip at the bottom, then nothing. And the red light on teh GPS unit came on. But that was it.

Fast-forward a couple of days and I've started wondering about the small, flat black connector that's near the big socket that joins the new harness to the radio connectors in the dash. There was nothing in the car that it would connect to. According the the manual, the matching connector should have been right there with the black and brown radio connectors. But nothing. After taking even more of the dash apart, and pulling off the cover from the sterring column, I still couldn't find anything. By now I'd worked out that this little connector is a vital link - it connects up the steering wheel radio controls and, even more importantly, it has the one essential wire that allows the new equipment to communicate with the rest of the car! An innocent looking white and red wire with yellow bands is the vital link to the K-bus!

Several hours later. and after comparing various versions of the wiring diagrams I figured out that the lowline unit connects directly to these vital wires and the little black connector doesn't exist in cars with this spec!

The K-bus wire is in one of the blue and yellow connectors that go into the lowline unit. The other wires for the steering wheel controls were in the grey radio plug.

10 minutes later they had been cut off and joined up with the wiresfrom the mystery black plug. And everything came to life!

The TV works, the cd changer changes CD's and the radio is just fine. I can't fully check the GPS as I still need to track down the discs (e-bay, here I come!)

So there you are, it is possible to do the upgrade from the basic low-line, providing you have the additional harness. Without that, you would never do it! Oh yes, and you need to do a bit of surgery!

Anyone need a spare head unit? I have two..... (and they both work)

Bill Kelly

stocktake 25th August 2008 20:36

Oooo I remember that Bill, wondered what had happened and where you got to. Thanks for taking the time to let others know your progress and well done on sussing it out

Kandyman 25th August 2008 20:51

Great News Bill and well done on getting it working in the end :D

heres a link to your other posts about buying the sat nav set up

Reebs 25th August 2008 21:08

Well done Bill, what a task !!!

Your not alone in swapping from Low Line to High Line, Duotone has successfully done the same to his 75.

You can read how he got on in this thread: :smilie_re:

Perhaps you should both go into business together :D

Duotone 25th August 2008 21:24


Originally Posted by Reebs (Post 225704)
Well done Bill, what a task !!!

Your not alone in swapping from Low Line to High Line, Duotone has successfully done the same to his 75

Perhaps you should both go into business together :D

Well done Bill..

Its a bit of a exclusive bunch of 75 owners who have completed this task.

Fellow members who have upgraded to Hi Line sat nav.

Myself [Duotone]
The Bear

There may be other members who have successfully completed the upgrade, perhaps they can be added to the list..

Dave T

wptk999 25th August 2008 21:45

rain stopped play.....
Having got things working, the rain drove m eindoors (no garage, sadly).
But at least I can spend some time congratulating myself - and looking for the navigation CD's.

When I was checking the system, I noticed an AUX option on the main menu.
I think you may guess where this is going :)

Where are the input connectors for this? Anyone used it?

I've also been wondering about connecting up a Freeview tuner, ready for the digital changeover. Anyone else tried this? Powering the box should be OK, if I can find one with an external power supply unit. Or I could "borrow" the one from the spare bedroom....

I reckon the RF output would drive the TV tuner quite nicely.

And a DVD player would be nice if I can figure out where to connect it......

It's daft really, I don't need all this stuff, but it's a challenge!

Bill Kelly

Duotone 25th August 2008 21:52

Here is a link you may need.
It was sent to me by Stocktake.
It may be of some help..

Dave T

stocktake 25th August 2008 21:55

Thanks Dave, saves me looking for it again. The av input is on the tuner in the bootwell the link shows you the pin info ( last diagram IIRC) but remember it is mono only. (white plug pins 4,5,6 & 15)

Reebs 25th August 2008 21:59

Thats any easy one, you need an adaptor loom which plugs in to the Video module in the boot.

Then you simply run a couple of RCA (Phono) wires through into the cabin (or where ever you decide to site your DVD Player / Freeview receiver)

As regards putting in a Freeview tuner, I tried this with mine, using a battery operated handheld Freeview digibox that I'd already bought from Maplins.

I have to say that digital reception is problematic at best. On the move it is less than useless, but parked up you can sometimes get lucky.

Unlike analogue which will allow a viewable picture even if very poor quality, with digital it's all or nothing depending on signal strength.

Though to be fair I was using the units magnetic antenna stuck to the roof of the car when I did my test, perhaps the vehicle's own rear screen antenna might prove a better solution.

JohnDotCom 25th August 2008 22:01

You can get a Set of leads (often on EBay) which just plug in allowing you to Put DVD or Digital TV through the AV channel or anything else for that matter.
Stereo leads are also now available but at a cost, come with the BMW Connector Block to.

Digital reception will improve when Analogue turned off in your location as Digital Signal is boosted by 15 to 20%.

EDIT: Just beat me Reebs.

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