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macafee2 16th July 2019 18:32

YouTube blocking downloads
I see YouTube seems to be blocking the download of music videos?
I was trying to download this oldie Boxer Beat by JoBoxers but get error 403 forbidden.
Anyone know why the change, never known it before


RogerHeinz57 17th July 2019 06:44

I have just tried this to see if it's something your end.
It refuses to work on this end as either MP3 or MP4 format.

I was offered the opportunity to u[date my YTD, but as it used to work so well, I declined it, so even the older version won't do it.

StewartIngram 17th July 2019 08:24

Not one for me, but I was able to download using RealPlayer (which is a free download, though I do have the paid for upgrade).


GazYorkshire 17th July 2019 10:02

Give this a try -

KWIL 17th July 2019 10:20

Not a problem even on old Xp.

Sprinter 17th July 2019 19:28

Still works when using Firefox.

macafee2 17th July 2019 19:50


Originally Posted by GazYorkshire (Post 2748262)

I think I tried that last night. Although it did download a file it then failed on all others.


macafee2 6th August 2019 19:45

I've updated my YouTube downloader and it seems to be working fine.

Sold all my 45's from my teens but want all the songs.


solarsailor 14th August 2019 14:09

I've been using this for a couple of years with no issues. It can be set to either download a full video or just extract the audio.

planenut 14th August 2019 20:31

Doesn't bother me, I'm still on vinyl !

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