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Zircon 13th August 2019 07:02

Twenty years ago today!
Hi All,

Twenty years ago today my Zircon Club SE rolled off the line at Cowley - so a cause to celebrate 🎂.

With the 2.5 engine and 132,000 plus miles on the clock, I am hoping she will keep going a good while longer!

All the best,


FLYING BANANA 13th August 2019 07:15


BoroRover 13th August 2019 07:36

Long may she reign !

marinabrian 13th August 2019 08:10

And what a nice example she is too :cool:

Brian :D

Dallas 13th August 2019 08:21

Happy 20th Birthday, certainly worth celebrating . :party:

Dorchester2 13th August 2019 10:40

Well done you. :cheering:

Keep her on road for ever... :p:

Zircon 13th August 2019 20:39

Thank you all for your kind words 😊.

Zircon performed faultlessly today and passed 133,000 miles on a round trip from Guildford to Bournemouth.

All the best,


Neil1 14th August 2019 10:01

20 years, congratulations.:D

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