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macafee2 22nd May 2021 14:34

How to watch tv without plugging into aerial
Looking for advice on how to watch TV/Freeview when I cannot plug the TV into the aerial.

I would like to be able to get a TV guide up on the TV screen so I can look to see what programs are on and select what I want to watch.

Can I connect my aerial into some form of transmitter and then plug a receiver into my TV?

I know a little about an Amazon Firestick but I dont think I can get a TV guide up and I am not sure if I cant watch all the Freeview channels.
We use if more for catch up.

What about wi fi, can I plug something into the TV and use the internet? Again I want a TV guide and to be able to watch the Freeview channels

To give you an idea of the sort of TV guide I am after here is a link to one


clf 22nd May 2021 14:44

A smart TV or now TV box will do this to a certain extent. I am not sure all terrestrial/live channels broadcast live through the 'smart system' though ie via the internet.

I have not used it to be honest as a live system, but have noticed on some of the 'players' (iplayer, itv player etc) state a watch live option. :shrug:

Nick91 23rd May 2021 20:20

Not too sure about ALL the Freeview channels but if you get the Amazon fire stick you can get all the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 channels, including watch live as well as catch up. Plus many others.

You can either download an app for each of the channels, so you would have the BBC iPlayer app, ITV Hub app, etc. Or I think there is a TVPlayer app that may offer what you are looking for (offers all channels in a single interface with some guide functionality).

There are other TV sticks that do the same thing, I've seen them for sale in B&M's. A lot of them give you something complimentary like a free month of Netflix or a month's free Sky Sports (Now TV do this with their stick as they are owned by Sky).

The sticks all plug into the HDMI port, just about every TV made within the last 15 years has one of these. The only other thing to consider is how fast your broadband is. If you have no trouble streaming Youtube videos then you will probably be fine. Everything I have described above is free save for the cost of the stick, broadband connection and TV licence.

markdis 4th June 2021 06:28

I 100% agree with the previous comments. Amazon firestick (or any other) is the best option suitable for you. The only one thing which wasn't mentioned is that it is good idea to use a VPN service with it. First of all you can stream all the movies, tv shows and channels available not only in your country but around the globe. And second, but not less important, is security of your data. With vpn all the personal and payment information you enter will be completely encrypted.

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