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Azur 10th August 2021 06:48

If the clip on your rear Interior light has broken there's no need to buy a new one, you can re-use the original one. You can adapt a steel corner bracket, cut it off, bend it and fasten it with a screw. About 30 minutes work. Then you can easily replace the unit. Never breaks off again. The original clips will eventually break off again. You can also buy a new one on aliexpress.

I will post a picture of how I did mine.

open the plastic cover

create a hook from the metal bracket and drill a extra whole in it where you can put a screw to hold it.

drill a tiny screw hole in the plastic to ensure it will not crack while using the screw

et voila, no plastic clips needed anymore. You can adapt the corner of the metal using two pliers. For extra security you can use extra self-adhesive tape between the metal and plastic.

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