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FLYING BANANA 27th June 2020 15:11

Day 1201 of the lockdown......................
............................................... and I have just found out our favourite mode of transport has a broken springy thing. Get Well Soon Pooky Bear.

Our hooman, Bob, has said that most of the lockdown has been lifted and we can form a bubble, hope we can use that bubble bath stuff, with another family. So that will be with the Castle Bears, they will be 'appy with that. we've not been going every night as either it's been too hot or too wet.

We've cured Holly's bad breath and wind problem, she eats fresh mint with every meal whether she wants to or not. But she still sleeps on her own.
Strawberry, little BoB and me sleep in Banana. Bertie Banana sits in the front and tells us stories from years ago. Some are quiet frightening but most are funny.

I'll get our Bob to post up some photo's over the next few days.

newhavenhibby 14th July 2020 09:51

Good to see Zed is still enjoying life in the English riviera.

Just an invite for him, all being OK, if he would like to do the North Coast 500 in September he is very welcome to join us with the Scimitar Club. Afraid he would have to rough it in a Middlebridge after getting used to the Bear and Banana. (to bring his own mask and gloves of course)

Along with the Scimitar guys and gals, we are being joined by a couple of members of the Norfolk and Norwich Rover Club who were great friends with Fred, so they could talk about the good old days.

All the best

FLYING BANANA 14th July 2020 15:19

Ok. Heís been wanting to move on but loves the easy life here. Iíll post him on at the end of the month. PM me your address and Iíll get him sent off. Iíll let you know when he is on his way.

He is currently sunbathing in the garden with a glass of honey beer in his paw.

newhavenhibby 14th July 2020 19:56

Cheers Bob.

He should be back up in Scotland to go fly fishing next month..........going in the R75 so will have a bit of comfort before the NC500 trip. :}

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