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FLYING BANANA 16th July 2020 11:25

Goodbye to The Mews Gang.....................
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.......................................... from me. Looks like I'll be moving on at the end of the month, I'm off up to Scotland. It's the other side of England, about a 10 day drive. Going to have to stock up on grub, water and sweets.

Going to miss the Mews Gang, that's what the Castle Bears call us. Will be having a grand party before I leave. We woz out the other night and got to meet the River Bears, they supply the Castle Bears with fresh fish. Never knew the River Bears were around, they are a fearsome bunch. But welcomed us with a cracking fish supper, but no chips. We took some of Boozy Bears fruit punch and the Castle Bears supplied the Honey Mead. Don't remember much after that but woke up with the gang back at home.

Going to miss my hooman Bob, looked after us through these troubled times. Kept us fed and warm. We have in turn looked after him when he was very ill, Holly was very good at giving Bob cuddles to keep him warm. This was before the smelly wind saga, mind you he might have got better a lot quicker.

Now I have been allowed to have my photo taken with the wee bear & friends group. They live on the window ledge. I know all about them but was not allowed to enter their area. Strictly out of bounds.

There is Dolly & Molly the Koala Bears all the way from Australia.
And Sonia the Bear shares the top shelf with them.
Living underneath we have Cup cake, not a bear but just a cake but not edible. Then we have another Pooky Bear, so many with the same name. Next is Frankie Bear with her summer clothes on.

And we have Garfield and his bear. Guess what it's name is? Yup! Pooky Bear.
Then we have Kanga and baby Roo, another pair from Australia and finally Harry the Sheep.

They all have special memories for our hooman Bob. Our other new arrival, B0B, has settled in well and will be going with Strawberry when the car shows are back on. Travelling in Banana with Bertie.
Going to miss Grumpy Grandad Bear with his stories from the war, he was a messenger Bear.

In fact I'm going to miss them all, but looking forward to pastures new. Will look forward to meeting up with Andy & Debz along with Jeff & Ros in the not distant future.

Keep safe.

a few photos

The Mews Gang.
Grumpy Grandad.
The window ledge family.
Strawberry and Me.
B0B the Bear.

planenut 16th July 2020 13:04

You had me worried there Bob. Take care. and your guest may just bear up.

newhavenhibby 16th July 2020 15:55

Won't be that long before Zed can be reunited with the Mews gang.

Hopefully being reunited with "Stuff" ( Orlando Magics mascot........see some of his You Tubes for his antics and being banned!) up here, won't teach him too many bad habits.

Drop of single malt waiting for him on his arrival.

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