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FLYING BANANA 20th July 2020 11:25

Goodbye Cornwall, hello..............
..................................... Scotland. Iím on my way to a new adventure in a land far far away. Got to go to the other side of England. Iím travelling First Class, the ticket was a present from the Mews Gang.

We had a fabulous night on Saturday with the Castle and River Bears. Lots of falling down water was consumed. Holly is in love with Dimitre one of the Castle Bears. Yogi fell into the river or was he pushed. Us small bears got a ride home on DCís back, we was tied on apparently. No idea I was out of it. That berry juice and honey mead plus the juniper berries gave me a steaming hangover on Sunday.

Said my goodbyes to Strawberry, several times between kisses and hugs. Beatrice has packed my case and provided me with a huge picnic to nosh on my journey. Got water and juice to drink. The hooman Bob gave me a hug and told me to behave. Going to miss him as much as the Mews Gang.

Ann, get the kettle on, and a biscuits would be nice, be with you in a couple of days.

Watch out for my next adventures.

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