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Reebs 10th January 2011 01:04

Introducing Our New Club Mascot
Ladies and Gentleman it gives me great pleasure to present to you Fred's little nephew.......

He's a bit of a Rover he is in a ZT

But he's keen to start his travels, just as soon as he can find out how to switch on the Sat Nav

So if you'd like to welcome Zed, the club's new mascot, to your neck of the woods he'd be only too pleased to visit.

Try and show him as much of the world as you can
and make sure you get a picture which can be posted right here to show where he's been.

The only thing we'd ask is that you keep him for no more than a month before passing him on to the next member,
that way everyone who wants to, will get a chance to say hello to the little fellow ;)

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