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newhavenhibby 30th March 2021 11:07

Spring is coming!
Zed is looking forward to finally getting out and about as the lockdown in Scotland eases at the end of April. Trips are planned to Crieff ( Loch Monzievaird) and another fishing trip to Dundee. After that a visit to Yorkshire and the South West to meet up with old friends is planned. This was to coincide with a friends meet within the Crashbox Club and their show at Powderham but unfortunately this has been cancelled.

In the meantime he has been helping Ashley finish off a painting of a friends P6 outside Tasburgh Church in Norfolk......... He remembers Freds P6 although this one is 3.5 litre and obviously not red like Freds.............[1] by Ann Edwards, on Flickr

He has helped Ashley install the oil pressure gauge in the Subaru and is seen checking the bracket fabricated to support the sensor..............[1] by Ann Edwards, on Flickr

.......and then helping to align the gauge in the pod............[1] by Ann Edwards, on Flickr

With Winter on the way out and all the salted roads ( especially up here!) thoughts are turning now to getting under the Rover 75 for its annual inspection, clean and rust proof, so Zed starts to check the Dinitrol stocks and since the Auto transmission is also due for a look he sees how much auto fluid is left...........need a little more Zed to get up to the 8 litres needed !................[1] by Ann Edwards, on Flickr

After a busy time he is also getting ready for Easter with Bubba and Bjorn.............[1] by Ann Edwards, on Flickr

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