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MSS 15th September 2021 09:19

Having read the manual, I am of the same view as SD1too that this is a simple voltmeter. This being the case, the question to ask yourselves is whether it is really giving you any useful information about the battery's condition.

Personally, I would suggest that anyone who has sufficient knowledge to want to test a battery could achieve better understanding of their battery's state of charge with a 5 voltmeter and knowledge gained from watching a youtube video on how to test a car battery and charging system.

For myself, an old fashioned load tester of the type here would be a far more useful tool.

Alternatively, if one wishes for something a bit more sophisticated, one of these would be a useful tool.

Best of all, just keep your battery fully charged with a maintenance charger such as a CTEK and listen to how vigorously the engine cranks after the main beams have been left on for around 30 minutes with the engine off.

As a side point, I think people often confuse between the state of the battery and the state of the charge held by the battery at any one point in time.

clf 15th September 2021 14:48


Originally Posted by sln8458 (Post 2899622)


How do I check the batteries in the other family cars?
The family bus, Sedona people carrier, my sons Corsa or his brothers Insignia or their sisters KA


Something like this (I have seen them.cheaper on ebay etc). This type would give live reporting of the voltage on the move. (Just a thought - I haven't used one, I use a volt meter and also have a lidl led basic tester too)

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Dallas 19th September 2021 14:47

Cheers Chris, I've just bagged one, delivery tomorrow. :eek:

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