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Default Spyhole Mod Easy To Do

[QUOTE=Arctic;1109189]Plenums we hear so much about them and the reason why is very clear below in the photo's that follow.

And even more important this time of year with the Autum leaf fall etc.

Yesterday a member of the club Mike came to have his handbrake mod fitted, as i always do i checked the plenum's after asking if he had checked them it turned out he had only brought the car Sunday so the car was very new to him, he had looked at the plenums from the drivers side and could see some water and he also heard the sloshing sound when driving.

The results can be seen below so come on gents lets keep on top of these plenums do the spyhole mod and its only takes 2 minutes to check for water once applied.

Pic 1 water at least 3" deep

Below is how to do the spyhole mod you will need a rule pencil 25mm drill bit and a 25mm rubber bung Fig 1

With the scuttle shield panel removed measure 97mm and 180mm from the points in the photo below Fig 2/3


Width to center point of the auger 3a/3b


Here you can see my template which i use at meets so i can easly turn over a good volume of trays in a few minutes Fig 4

With the panel marked out and your drill ready with its 25mm bit we/you can now drill the spyhole Fig 5

When you drill the scuttle tray makes sure you have support under the tray at all times Fig 6





Once drilled trim the hole to make it neat for the rubber bung to fit nice Fig 11

Spyhole mod done and ready for use Fig 12/

This shows the plumbers spring pipe bender Fig 13/14


If you intend to use the plumbers spring look for a 10mm or 15mm a boot lace and a tube mine was from an old wendy house but any 15mm tube will do 12" to 15" long Fig 15

Also grind or file the end of the spring to remove the curl so it is smooth and will easly go into the tube Fig 16

Spring being used in situ Fig 17

Hope this helps the new members and remember check the plenums regular Arctic.
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