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Default Serpent wheels and centre Cap info

I have just been helping Simon sort out the right centre caps for his Serpents so might as well stick the info here as well for reference.

There are two versions of Serpent wheel one in satin silver as fitted to the facelift RRC110132MBS and one in sparkle? silver as fitted to the pre facelift cars RRC110131MNH.

Anyway whatever the colour there is an obvious visible difference in the finish and I think the facelift ones look slightly more metallic if compared side by side with the non facelift version.

The caps are also a slightly different colour and obviously have different logos and part numbers!

Serpents caps are
RRJ100110MBS new logo facelift
RRJ100110MNH old log pre facelift

I have the old logo style although the part number on mine like my wheels actually end in XXX i.e I have RRJ100110XXX caps!

Not sure what the XXX really means probably from a service line spare part number rather than a part number from the optional extra brochure where the above wheel and cap numbers come from

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