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P1500 Vehicle Speed Sensor Intermittent
P1501 Vehicle Speed Sensor Out Of Self Test Range
P1502 Vehicle Speed Sensor Intermittent Malfunction
P1503 Auxillary Speed Sensor Fault
P1504 Idle Air Control Circuit Malfunction
P1505 Idle Air Control System At Adaptive Clip
P1506 Idle Air Control Overspeed Error
P1507 Idle Air Control Underspeed Error
P1508 Idle Control System Circuit Open
P1509 Idle Control System Circuit Shorted
P1510 Idle Signal Circuit Malfunction
P1511 Idle Switch (Electric Control Throttle) Circuit Malfunction
P1512 Intake Manifold Runner Control (Bank 1) Stuck Closed
P1513 Intake Manifold Runner Control (Bank 2) Stuck Closed
P1514 High Load Neutral/Drive Fault
P1515 Electric Current Circuit Malfunction
P1516 IMRC Input Error (Bank 1)
P1517 IMRC Input Error (Bank 2)
P1518 Intake Manifold Runner Control (Stuck Open)
P1519 Intake Manifold Runner Control (Stuck Closed)
P1520 Intake Manifold Runner Control Circuit Malfunction
P1521 Variable Intake Solenoid #1 Circuit Malfunction
P1522 Variable Intake Solenoid #2 Circuit Malfunction
P1523 IVC Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1524 Variable Intake Solenoid System
P1525 Air Bypass Valve System
P1526 Air Bypass System
P1527 Accelerate Warmup Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1528 Subsidiary Throttle Valve Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1529 SCAIR Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1530 A/C Clutch Circuit Malfunction
P1531 Invalid Test - Accelerator Pedal Movement
P1532 IMCC Circuit Malfunction, Bank B
P1533 AAI Circuit Malfunction
P1534 Inertia Switch Activated
P1535 Blower Fan Speed Circuit Range/Performance
P1536 Parking Brake Switch Circuit Failure
P1537 Intake Manifold Runner Control (Bank 1) Stuck Open
P1538 Intake Manifold Runner Control (Bank 2) Stuck Open
P1539 Power To A/C Clutch Circuit Overcurrent
P1540 Air Bypass Valve Circuit Malfunction
P1549 IMCC Circuit Malfunction, Bank B
P1550 PSPS Out Of Self Test Range
P1565 Speed Control Command Switch Out of Range High
P1566 Speed Control Command Switch Out of Range Low
P1567 Speed Control Output Circuit Continuity
P1568 Speed Control Unable to Hold Speed
P1571 Brake Switch Malfunction
P1572 Brake Pedal Switch Circuit Malfunction
P1573 Throttle Position Not Available
P1574 Throttle Position Sensor Disagreement btwn Sensors
P1575 Pedal Position Out of Self Test Range
P1576 Pedal Position Not Available
P1577 Pedal Position Sensor Disagreement btwn Sensors
P1578 ETC Power Less Than Demand
P1579 ETC In Power Limiting Mode
P1580 Electronic Throttle Monitor PCM Override
P1581 Electronic Throttle Monitor Malfunction
P1582 Electronic Throttle Monitor Data Available
P1583 Electronic Throttle Monitor Cruise Disable
P1584 TCU Detected IPE Circuit Malfunction
P1585 Throttle Control Unit Malfunction
P1586 Throttle Control Unit Throttle Position Malfunction
P1587 Throttle Control Unit Modulated Command Malfunction
P1588 Throttle Control Unit Detected Loss of Return Spring
P1589 TCU Unable To Control Desired Throttle Angle
P1600 Loss of KAM Power; Open Circuit
P1601 ECM/TCM Serial Communication Error
P1602 Immobilizer/ECM Communication Error
P1603 EEPROM Malfunction
P1604 Code Word Unregestered
P1605 Keep Alive Memory Test Failure
P1606 ECM Control Relay O/P Circuit Malfunction
P1607 MIL O/P Circuit Malfunction
P1608 Internal ECM Malfunction
P1609 Diagnostic Lamp Driver Fault
P1610 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1611 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1612 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1613 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1614 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1615 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1616 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1617 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1618 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1619 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1620 SBDS Interactive Codes
P1621 Immobilizer Code Words Do Not Match
P1622 Immobilizer ID Does Not Match
P1623 Immobilizer Code Word/ID Number Write Failure
P1624 Anti Theft System
P1625 B+ Supply To VCRM Fan Circuit Malfunction
P1626 B+ Supply To VCRM A/C Circuit Malfunction
P1627 Module Supply Voltage Out Of Range
P1628 Module Ignition Supply Input Malfunction
P1629 Internal Voltage Regulator Malfunction
P1630 Internal Vref Malfunction
P1631 Main Relay Malfunction (Power Hold)
P1632 Smart Alternator Faults Sensor/Circuit Malfunction
P1633 KAM Voltage Too Low
P1634 Data Output Link Circuit Failure
P1635 Tire / Axle Ratio Out of Acceptable Range
P1636 Inductive Signature Chip Communication Error
P1637 Can Link ECM/ABSCM Circuit / Network Malfunction
P1638 Can Link ECM/INSTM Circuit / Network Malfunction
P1639 Vehicle ID Block Corrupted or Not Programmed
P1640 Powertrain DTCs Available in Another Module
P1641 Fuel Pump Primary Circuit Failure
P1642 Fuel Pump Monitor Circuit High Input
P1643 Fuel Pump Monitor Circuit Low Input
P1644 Fuel Pump Speed Control Circuit Malfunction
P1645 Fuel Pump Resistor Switch Circuit Malfunction
P1650 PSP Switch Out of Self Test Range
P1651 PSP Switch Input Malfunction
P1652 IAC Monitor Disabled by PSP Switch Failed On
P1653 Power Steering Output Circuit Malfunction
P1654 Recirculation Override Circuit Malfunction
P1655 Starter Disable Circuit Malfunction
P1660 Output Circuit Check Signal High
P1661 Output Circuit Check Signal Low
P1662 IDM_EN Circuit Failure
P1663 Fuel Demand Command Signal Circuit Malfunction
P1667 CI Circuit Malfunction
P1668 PCM - IDM Communications Error
P1670 Electronic Feedback Signal Not Detected
P1680 Metering Oil Pump Malfunction
P1681 Metering Oil Pump Malfunction
P1682 Metering Oil Pump Malfunction
P1683 Metering Oil Pump Temperature Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P1684 Metering Oil Pump Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P1685 Metering Oil Pump Stepping Motor Circuit Malfunction
P1686 Metering Oil Pump Stepping Motor Circuit Malfunction
P1687 Metering Oil Pump Stepping Motor Circuit Malfunction
P1688 Metering Oil Pump Stepping Motor Circuit Malfunction
P1689 Oil Pressure Control Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1690 Wastegate Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1691 Turbo Pressure Control Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1692 Turbo Control Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1693 Turbo Charge Control Circuit Malfunction
P1694 Turbo Charge Relief Circuit Malfunction
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