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Recalls for R75's

13/3/2000. 8,550 cars VIN RJ 001242 to RJ 127623 built between Feb '98 and Oct '99 recalled to correct crankshaft position sender fault which could cause the engine to cut out whilst the vehicle is being driven

11-07-2002: 12,592 75s from VIN RJ001242 to RJ133299 recalled because "vehicles operating in high corrosion areas may experience fracture of the front suspension road springs" which may lead to puncturing of the inner wall of a front tyre. Front springs to be replaced.

12 May 2004: 33523 75's from VIN: RJ133300********* to RJ247257*********
Description: Possible damage and deflation of tyre due to road spring
Defect: There is a possibility that if a front road spring failed at the lower end, it could contact and damage the tyre.
Action: Recall affected vehicles and fit an additional lower road spring retention fixture which will protect the tyre in the event of a spring failure

July 2002 Tow Bar recall

Cars built from approximately November to December 2001 may have been fitted with aftermarket (i.e. non-Rover badged) tow bars which do not incorporate sufficient mounting points to the vehicle body. Owners of affected vehicles should have been contacted directly by MG Rover, and asked to take the car to their nearest dealer for examination .MG Rover-branded tow bars are not affected by this recall.

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