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Originally Posted by ceedy View Post
Well that was an Effing disaster..

Registered Months ago , been many time before with no problems and parked with other MG's.

But noticed the FB page had been commenting on how they so many cars coming..

So get there and get told I have to park outside as my car is "Too New" .

Park up wander inside, and they are having problem gettting everyone in. and loads of newer stuff than The Zed already in there, Mustangs and Other yanks, new kit cars ....

Whinged at the organiser who went off sort it out and never came back .

So had a peep at the stalls and came home ..

Swear filter won't let me express my sentiments properly

Oh no, that's not good glad I didn't go now; was going to do it next year though.

Chris, your ZT has the Mustang V8 lump, you should have drove in with the bonnet up

I have always thought the R75 and ZT are not thought of as classics, far too new looking; hence why I've been looking for an old MGB GT, something pre 1979... then you don't get looked at as an oddity. lol

I will tell you this though, the MGF and TF's are favoured a lot more regarding these types of shows; go get yourself a roadster Chris.

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