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Originally Posted by Dragrad View Post
As we are international in membership, I would be grateful, as well as many other members who do not understand French, if we could please use English as the medium of international communication, as in the world of radio and airline/marine communication/movements

English is my second language, but is the most understandable language world-wide, as such I use, even with my Welsh bretheren, on forums

Besides, members who use any on-line translator could cause a "hiccup" by posting a post whereby their meaning was misconstrued by a "translator".

70% of Human communication is via body language.... so introduce electronic translators into a text environment and we are in the mire
Just a thought...... to improve international relationships
I think you would be quite lonely if you only spoke Welsh. Lol. ( on here. )

I'm Welsh and only speak English and French. ( A bit. )

Colvert. ( Davies. )

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