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Default MG ZT/R75 glass

Hello folks,

I have planned to get all of the glass replaced on my ZT at some point, I have been looking around online for some time now at various sources for glass and I've been unable to find a convenient and relatively cheap way of doing so. Practically all of the glass on my car is scratched up, deep scratches that cannot be removed. idk what the previous owner/s were doing to get such deep scores in the glass. It really lets the car down, especially the commonly dreaded passenger and drivers door scores, which is particularly bad. I did see a post on Facebook last month, a chap who managed to get his passenger and drivers door glass replaced for "half the price of rimmers" I have looked on the Rimmers website, like all of their products for the marque they're absurdly overpriced and I am not willing to purchase any items from them at this time.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction on obtaining new glass for the front doors, it's ideal if it's within the North West so it's easy to travel too. I'm also needing a new Windscreen as the one fitted currently is scuffed and scratched, I was thinking about paying the excess on my insurance, though I'm not sure if they would go through as the glass itself is still intact.


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