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Originally Posted by awvc1 View Post
i have a CDT and I did a whole load of soundproofing for the stereo install. AS this is about as noisy an engine derivative as you can get, my successes may be of interest to you.

Just by using dynamat or eqivalent on the inner face of the outer door skin, the amount of cabin noise was reduced unbelievably, without needing sound proofing materials to deal with the outside noise - it seems the resonance in the panels once deadened is a real contributor. Whether you care about your stereo or not, the dynamat type stuff (I used Silent Coat 4mm) is fantastic and left my noisy Post Project Drive CDT quieter than my wife's Pre Project Drive V6. its like driving the submarine out of Red October.....

Look in the ice for my 'mdf rings' thread if you are interested in pics and tips on how i did that - remember, its not relevant in your case to the stereo, you get a win on general soundproofing with this .

Hope this helps
Did you do the doors?

On my 2001 cdt it had an extra exhaust silencer which is probably why i didnt see much improvement compared with the 2002 that didnt have it
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