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Red face In trouble with key fob change!

As the acknowledged expert can you advise me please. I tried to change the key fob on my 75, having renewed one easily in a Discovery previously. I swapped over the circuit board and the car locks and unlocks fine but couldn't extract the chip or key blade. I may have damaged the chip in my efforts to get it out.
In the short term I tried attaching the new fob to my key ring along with the old. But unsurprisingly the car would not start with this arrangement so I am using my spare key, also with a slightly damaged fob!
I have a spare fob complete, that came from a scrapped car, if that helps!
So should I persist in trying to swap the chip and blade over or would the chip from my spare fob work? Is it easily damaged and is it coded to the car in some way? Assuming I can get it out of course!
Grateful for any advice. Thanks, Tim.
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