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Originally Posted by Annfield-East View Post
On the day after the EU referendum, BBC interviewed two young women. They were upset about the result, citing that it was their future that really mattered and that it would be the end of student exchange schemes, hardly a hot topic during the campaign. They then launched a blistering attack on older voters, accusing them of not caring for todays youth, in effect saying that the elder generations futures were behind them, but conveniently ignoring the fact that about 80% of the over 65's took the trouble to vote, while only about a third of the 18-25 age group could be bothered to drag themselves away from social media, get off their fat backsides and turn up at the polling stations. I think its fair to assume that this low turnout figure was, in truth, because they couldn't vote on their phones.
Wow, I wonder what they think of the 20's generation. Yeah, those oldies that went through the depression years as kids, fought in WW2 as teenagers and re-built the countries infrastructure whilst being rationed.

Student exchange? Hardly in the same league is it?

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