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As requested, here is the results of the demo day as I remember it. It was a bit hectic...

I also demo'ed the Raspberry Pi to Tom and exported the display to my wife's tablet. I'm not sure that he was that impressed. To be honest it's a bit of a hack/geek thing (you have to configure a Pi to do it).

I was most definitely interested Phillip I understand that it's not perfected yet, but i can definitely see huge potential for those with android head units (as they cannot run Torque yet owing to it not being possible to paid a BT OBD adapter) for live readouts & on the fly diagnostics should a fault ever occur whilst driving. Would be very good as a relatively in-expensive, hard wired system. As you rightly said, it could be fitted within the dash and hidden from sight.

Sorry if i didn't come over as very interested. I was still extremely tired from the meet Saturday night. I didn't get home from that until 2am sunday morning

AS for your primary tool, you definitely have a huge opportunity there. as demonstrated, it's possible to access the ABS and SRS Systems, which just isnt possible with other diag tools of a similar cost to yours. (You made a lot of people very happy too, as for a lot of 75 & ZT owners, the airbag light can be the bane of our lives )

Unfortunaly, i wont be buying one because, as you know, i laid out a fair bit for my Sykes Pickavant tool, but will see if i can still invest

Best of luck.
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