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Originally Posted by bikerdude666 View Post
My wife does about 100-105 miles a day in hers, starts fully charged and usually says it's got around 45 miles left when she gets home. So for her I'd say at this time of year it's got a range of between 140 and 150 miles. A/C seems to knock about 15 miles off the range. She's learned it's better for range to use the heated seat to warm her up when cold, rather than use the heater to heat the whole car.

A couple of things that are irritating/surprising. She previously had the 1.5 petrol exclusive model, which had front foglights. But the exclusive EV model, despite having a lot of other extra features, doesn't come with front fogs.
As mentioned above, the A/C knocks about 15 miles off the range, so they've fitted a full glass roof, which makes the car heat up a lot worse than her other one with a normal metal roof.
And presumably because it's a budget brand, none of the glass (with the exception of the roof) has any sort of tint to it, so it doesn't reflect any sun at all, again making it very hot in the sun.

Lancpudn, sorry for hijacking your thread

I forgot to mention this thread is for anybody that has a MG ZS EV, Post up what you're doing with them.

A few people have been in contact with me regards this Fenkee adjustable charger I got from their site on the AliExpress site.

They've asked me how it's been performing over the 17 months I've been using it. It hasn't skipped a beat & performed flawlessly every time I've plugged it in.

They've been asking about the price of it as they're finding home chargers on the expensive side. I've told them it's not a smart charger but a "dumb" charger, I'm retired & don't use the car everyday nor do I need to program a charging schedule to be fully charged at a certain time or be heated/cooled by the time I use it.

I really cant grumble at paying 162 for it, It's cheap as chips compared to smart chargers & works perfectly for our needs.
Most of the charging is done on the lowest settings of 10 amps as I'm never in a hurry for owt There's always at least a charge of 50% in the car & most of the time I only use it to top up to 70-80% if I need it.


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