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Rover 75 Connie Mk2 1.8 (Mo), 75 Connie SE 2.0 CDTi (Kim)

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Default *** SOLD *** 2.0 cdti British Racing Green spares or repair.

If anyone is interested in taking Kim off my hands, please send a pm with an offer.

An electrical fault to the front of the engine will need looking at so it's not safe to start or drive her.

There are Y spoke wheels on her,
I have a new fuel filter I never got round to putting on.
5 x Serpent wheels in need of refurb and respray.
She has had 2 new front springs put on last year.
She has also had a new abs hub ring for the f/o/s axle.
Last years mot showed one advisory, front exhaust hangers rusting.
I had a steel back section put on a few years ago.

rear bumper scratched. Some dents on door panel(s).

Cruise control has never worked.
Memory sandstone beige seats.
Spare hole on centre console because I took her rear screen for Mo, along with the on/off button.
mk1 xenon headlights.

I think that's about it, but if I remember anything else I'll edit it into this thread.
Thank you.

Now sold.
Mo was born Tuesday, 22nd June 2004 @ 08:32:41
This vehicle was the 99,307th 75 to run off the production line, out of 112,381
This vehicle was the 5,377th 75 1.8 Connoisseur to be made out of 6,033
This vehicle was the 783rd 75 in Firefrost Red (code: CEV) to be made out of 2,089 Firefrost Red 75s

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