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Default Problem with engine start


I Have recently experienced some problems with my engine not starting. It is quite a strange problem because it starts sometimes and sometimes not. The car always starts if it gets to stand untouched for several hours after the latest start failure, but when tried starting the engine instantly after the latest start failure it does not work. It could go several days with driving and starting the car a lot of times without any issues. And suddenly it will not start.

I have sent my car to the workshop to get a proper diagnosis and when they ran the computer program, in the purpose of searching for error codes, they found an error code that suggested a failure with the immobilizer. They suggested that it was a problem with the electronics in the key and that this electronic directly communicated with the immobilizer. It sounded strange to me, when taking the age of the car in consideration.

Is this a recurring problem that you guys have experienced, and do you have some sort of hunch of what it could be? All help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Kind regards, Balder
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