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Originally Posted by Reebs View Post
After an excellent discovery by milosnikolic a while back about Inner and Outer Tie rods being the same as those of the VW Sharan & Ford Galaxy, a suggestion was put forward by Greendiver to have a seperate section for reference as parts become harder to find.

So this sticky is just for that If you know of any items that are interchangeable with other vehicles, post them up here and we can build up a good list.

Lets start where the idea began with:

INFO: Inner + Outer Tie rods - Can Use VW Sharan & Ford Galaxy Parts
I just fitted Inner rods....and they aren't the same...they fit, but to fit correctly(butted upto the stop)....around 3mm has to be sawn/ground off the shorter of the two threads...........

So dont expect these to fit exactly without this modification....(read to the last post in the link above)

Sorry TC, I didnt see your post above....
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