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Default Cdti intermittent non start

Hi. My mk1 75 cdti has on two occasions turned over but wouldnít start. No attempt to fire, no struggling or spluttering, just the start turning over.
The first time I tried it a few times over a couple of hours with no success, then unplugged the fuel filter housing, plugged back in, then the car started.
The second time this happened, it was going dark so I used my wifeís car, and left until the morning. However the car just started, which has cast doubt on whether unplugging and plugging back in the connection to the fuel pump on top of the filter made any difference.

A couple of things happened recently, OSf wheel arch was ripped off along with brake pad wiring which I joined together and Iíve had a remap by big russ. I canít imagine that any of these made any difference, but but full disclosure thought worth mentioning. Can anyone suggest what could be the issue?

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