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Originally Posted by MissMoppet View Post
I've been looking through this thread to see what I'm missing. Then I looked up the price. 30000+ and only does just over 100 miles? I could get 10 immaculate R75s for that. And probably do some of the repairs myself - or trot down the road to someone I know who can. These EVs will cost a fortune to clock into a garage.

Sorry chaps, but I'm sticking to what I know.
The ones that drop to around 120 mile range in the winter are the old model with smaller battery, as far as I know, it's no longer available new, so only 2nd hand are for sale, which start around 21,000 for the top spec.

The 30,000+ are the new long range models, which are supposed to be capable of something like 260 miles, but obviously less in winter. Even then, there are companies out there doing deals, I've seen them advertised for just under 30,000 for the top model, with the base model somewhere around 26,000.

I had been planning on getting the HS PHEV to replace the ZT, but for me the performance while towing wasn't acceptable, from various user reviews it only had a range of about 130 miles while towing, which would mean at least 2 stops, but more likely 3, for our journeys for holidays, which I don't want.
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