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Originally Posted by 75er View Post
My highline navigation is not picking up a signal from the shark fin. I have replaced the sharkfin but still no signal. Looking at the connector that comes down from the sharks fin and into the sat nav drive in the boot I notice the co-axial cable, while still attached, has come loose from the connector which goes into the sat nav drive unit and I think its this that is causing the problem. I think the connector is an SMB connector? The connector are readily available, but the crimping tool for the SMB connector is over 100. A bit expensive for 1 crimp! Can anyone confirm that it is a SMB connector (not an SMA) to the Sat Nav unit and has anyone had experience of repair /replacing this connector? Thanks.
I'm still struggling with this, I bought an female SMB connector but that turned out to be too big. Looking at the SMA connectors online they seem to be screw on not push on connectors, the connector from the wiring loom to the radio unit is push on. Is it an SMP connector? If anyone knows what type of connector this is / where to get one I would appreciate a heads up.
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