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Default T4 TIM unit DTC0001D


Applogies for the non-75 post, but I wondered if anyone here would know the answer.

I have a "TIM" unit to use with my T4 (the unit is used to emulate the earlier "Microcheck" System), but I can't get the laptop software (with the correct DRX0003Y disc, RDS is 5.06) to recognise the unit.

I'd like to ultimately "talk" to the earlier 200/400 cars (certainly with the infrared fobs) which you need Microcheck for (as I understand it)

I get the following error. I have tried allsorts, including changing the com port settings (its set to COM1)

I wondered if it didnt like the OS being XP, and if it would prefer somethign Windows 9x....
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