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Originally Posted by beinet1 View Post

Checked mine for a few weeks ago and discovered that the complete rubber hose was missing. Should I be concerned about this??

I can see right through to the ground, so mine's either been circumcised or it's missing, too. I'm going to check it out because, according to information from T-Cut on the following thread, if it's missing then water can get trapped further down in the compartment and cause corrosion. I'm also worried about mice nesting in my pollen filter this winter, or worse still, rewiring my ECU.


Originally Posted by T-Cut View Post
If you mean the plenum floor drain then yes. The general view on this is that the tubes should always be replaced. The plenum floor you see is actually the upper floor of two. There's a closed box section between them into which the water will run. As far as we know, it stays in there somewhere, totally inaccessible and presumably encouraging rust.

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