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Originally Posted by sworks View Post
Good to see your enjoying the car, I changed our petrol auto ZS after about 8 months as I couldnít get a running issue fixed and any dealer that didnít supply it would not look at it. I changed it for an Ioniq hybrid as we Had bought the ZS from Longbridge so not on the doorstep as there is no local dealers.
I want to go full electric next year and the Ioniq and Kona boots are too small for what I need so Iím looking at MG again as I know the ZS boot is the same size as the battery pack is underneath. However, our house is over 100 years old so anticipating similar problems to yourself. I think ours was re wired about 50 years ago but I still have doubts.

Yeah even though we haven't used it all that much with the pandemic restrictions I love the quiet ride of these BEV's, Very relaxing.

I think our house wiring was replaced some time in the 1960's judging by the stuff we found under the floorboards, An empty players number 6 cigarette packet was in there as well as off cuts of wiring.

We had the DNO do a safety check on the house electrics which they passed OK.

The OLEV people don't seem to like old style electrics even though the DNO passed ours as safe

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