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Not too sure about ALL the Freeview channels but if you get the Amazon fire stick you can get all the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 channels, including watch live as well as catch up. Plus many others.

You can either download an app for each of the channels, so you would have the BBC iPlayer app, ITV Hub app, etc. Or I think there is a TVPlayer app that may offer what you are looking for (offers all channels in a single interface with some guide functionality).

There are other TV sticks that do the same thing, I've seen them for sale in B&M's. A lot of them give you something complimentary like a free month of Netflix or a month's free Sky Sports (Now TV do this with their stick as they are owned by Sky).

The sticks all plug into the HDMI port, just about every TV made within the last 15 years has one of these. The only other thing to consider is how fast your broadband is. If you have no trouble streaming Youtube videos then you will probably be fine. Everything I have described above is free save for the cost of the stick, broadband connection and TV licence.

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