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Default rain stopped play.....

Having got things working, the rain drove m eindoors (no garage, sadly).
But at least I can spend some time congratulating myself - and looking for the navigation CD's.

When I was checking the system, I noticed an AUX option on the main menu.
I think you may guess where this is going

Where are the input connectors for this? Anyone used it?

I've also been wondering about connecting up a Freeview tuner, ready for the digital changeover. Anyone else tried this? Powering the box should be OK, if I can find one with an external power supply unit. Or I could "borrow" the one from the spare bedroom....

I reckon the RF output would drive the TV tuner quite nicely.

And a DVD player would be nice if I can figure out where to connect it......

It's daft really, I don't need all this stuff, but it's a challenge!

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