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Default High Line Head Unit Blank Screen and Nothing Working

As the title says, nothing is working on the system. All is dry, no water ingress in boot. Sat nav CD drive boots up and shutting down correctly. Have swapped the head unit and both the boxes in the boot for ones from my other car (where they work fine) and still a blank screen and nothing. The screen is blank but is back lit. The head Unit right hand button is doing nothing and the little orange power light is not illuminating.
I checked the voltage on the K bus wire behind the head unit and in the boot. This is way under 1v (should be 12v is I have read other posts correctly) so it is not getting the signal. I guess a bad connection.
Everything else in the car is working including sunroof, reversing sensors etc.
Where does the sat nav loom plug into the standard car loom to start getting the k bus signals? Does anyone know please? If can find this this location I can then trace the cables back and find where the problem is (I hope).
Thx and all the best, JB
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