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Default Blank SAT NAV screen sorted

After taking CANBUS readings at various places in the boot it was obvious there was no signal getting to the units in the boot. So I stripped out the interior and looked for the CANBUS joint near the drivers seat. I had already measured full voltage behind the head unit. There is a blue piece of insulating tape in the harness in front of the drivers seat. The CANBUS wires are all joined together for the sat nav here. There are 4 wires coming from the front of the car and three going to the back of the car. These are all crimped together in one join and then wrapped in the blue tape. On mine, the metal crimp had obviously got wet when the sunroof drains leaked. Even though now dry, the damp and voltage had made the metal crimp crumple. Hence the signal was not going through to the back of the car. A quick solder and some heat shrink and its all up and running again. All the best, JB
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