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Hi David

Thanks for the reply. Yes I have checked the fuses, I pulled them all out 1 by 1 to check nd that resulted in the sat nav half working.

Basically ignition on , but engine off radio works, tape works but no screen. As soon as I start the engine the screen starts to work intermittently, kind of flashes on and off all the time.

So I figured it could be this wiring connection JB tourer referred too underneath the seat , as I bought my car absolutely full of water, so similar problem.

I have sorted all the other Electrical gremlins out, my central locking and indicators, hazards, heater all work so was tending to steer away from a k bus issue. Do you think it still could be?

C0289 is part of the k bus, can that connector be unplugged and re connected incase the contacts are Corrected slightly.

I was basically figuring it is a bad Power connection Or earthing issue , but I very much open to any other suggestions or pointers.

Seats are out, carpet up, so I have access to most of it


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