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Hi David.

Thanks for the reply. Oh yes flooded is an understatement , all sunroof drains, rear lights, rear quarter panel trims and where the towbar wiring cane in, all sorted though now.

Iím actually surprised I have got off lightly with the electrics so far. I agree I think I have a corroded joint somewhere and when the engine is on the alternator is giving just enough ampage to get the sat nav screen to kick in slightly, thatís why I was thinking the joint under the drivers seat as that would of definately been under water, if not k bus connector c0289

Iím going to attack with the voltmeter on Tuesday and figured I would try the joint under the seat first, I just didnít want to start opening the loom in random places to find it unnecessarily to until inlocate it. Hoped some one could point me in the right location.

No I do not have Rave2 to help with the wiring diagrams, do you know where to purchase it, as I think it could be a big help in the future?

Thanks for the help and your advice so far.

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