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Originally Posted by Kandyman View Post
Options that can be turned on/off with a T4

Daytime running lamps on or off (aka VOLVO!)
Speed locking on or off
Lazy lock and vent (using the door key not the fob) on or off
Single point entry (one press to open drivers door, second press for rest)
Headlamp delay on or off
Tail lamp delay on or off
Number plate lamp delay on or off
Intelligent wipe (wiper speed goes down a notch under 5 mph) on or off
Programed wash wipe (no program or 2,3 or 4 wipes)
One shot down on or off
One shot up on or off (drivers window only with 4 electric windows)
Bathrobe locking (car can be locked from outside with engine running
Hi there, just a couple of questions! What is a T4? What is 'speed locking' ? Googling it just doesn't help!
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