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Default Cadillac Coupe de Ville ~ just like Elvis and Chuck had back in those faraway days.

Originally Posted by Rich in Vancouver View Post
Did you ever have one of those frustrating days?
Today, working on my ZT things went well, I removed the cam covers and resealed the gaskets, installed a new set of metal engine coolant pipes and continued putting the engine back together to finish the cambelt change.
Things stopped going well when, after installing the R/H engine mount assembly I looked at the remaining parts and saw the dip stick...which should have gone in before reinstalling the auxiliary belt idler and the engine mount.
Turns out you can actually fit the dip stick tube with the aux belt in place but just try getting the securing bolt in place!
Off came the engine mount assembly and the pulley, dipstick bolt in, reassembled the engine mount then....dropped the NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD- hydromount nut!
I heard it go clink, clink, thud but didn't see where it went. It isn't on the floor, and an exhaustive search of any visible places it could have gone has proven fruitless. If it's sitting on a suspension bit, or somewhere out of the way that's not a big deal, but if it is lodged amongst the belt or pulleys that's not good.
Right now I am having some rum and coke therapy and tomorrow I will have another look for the nut with fresh eyes. If I don't find it the engine mount has to come off again to make sure it won't cause any damage. sigh*
Hi Rich, best to locate that missing annoyance for obvious reasons.. the well know Zod's Law always lurks. Had that happen and a strong magnet on a telescopic rod can retrieve it even if unseen.

My frustrations are far less worrying than yours. For some reason, when using MANAGE ATTACHMENTS all I get is a Upload Failed message

No problem with posting the message .. this one ... over on .org And attaching a series of images. Here's the message following this .org link.

Used my ZT-T to pick up a couple of bearings for my small trailer. The pair of bearings on one side making a nasty loud noise and feel rough.

Bought from Gloucester Bearings in Innsworth which is conveniently located only one hundred yards from a small repair shop I have used for closing on thirty years for jobs I do not fancy doing myself. Also for jobs I do not have the kit for like pressing out old bearings and pressing in new.

The Guy who runs the outfit is a very enthusiastic owner of big Yankee cars... and has a Triumph Motorcycles from around the 1960s. Today was a surprise and a highlight for this car enthusiast. He has recently acquired a Cadillac Coupe de Ville on 1966 plates. Red with pillarless windows and brilliant white interior. A joy to my old minces... see attached. Look at the size of it.
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