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Default Keeping hi-line system - upgrading to digital cheaply?

Hi all,

I've given it quite a bit of thought and in the end, I'd like to keep the original alpine 4:3 head unit.

I still have the original analogue TV tuner in the spare wheel well.

Obviously TV doesn't work due to the digital signal upgrade years ago, so.. I'm wanting to get it working.

I've come across this

Now if I've got this correct:
I can get a 12v feed from either the cars battery itself or the ignition?

As for connecting the video and audio plugs to the head unit, do I need an adapter lead that will take both the red and yellow plugs and convert it to the white plastic block with pins to connect to the head unit?

Something like this?

If the above is correct, would this then give me TV or do I then need anything else like a Freeview box or anything?

Work done:
Nov2020: thermostat housing and pipes and associated gaskets and seals and aux belt tensioner
Dec2020: full service (minus oil and filter)
Sorted boot leak
Jan2021: new tyres and aux belt idler pulley
April2021:New klarius centre and rear exhaust
April2021:copper rear brake lines
April2021:new rear coil springs fitted and rear arms cleaned and painted
April2021:flushed all brake fluid

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