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Default Coolant leak and slow speed fan not working

Hi All,

When I last posted about the coolant leak it was suggested that I bypass the oil cooler which I have done but there has been no difference still loosing a small quantity of coolant. The thermostat has been replaced the inlet manifold gaskets have been replaced with a coating of Hylomar there is no leak at the water pump or in the V.

I tried a test suggested on here, i.e. take off expansion tank cap run the car cold for about 10 seconds at idle and then accelerate up to the red line, if coolant shoots out of expansion tank this confirms HGF. I did this but no coolant shot out of the expansion tank. Is such a test conclusive or not?

I discovered today that the slow speed of the coolant fan is not working, could this cause coolant loss and do I need a new fan?

Any assistance will be gratefully received. I should mention that the car is a 2003 MG ZTT KV6 with 60,000 approx miles.

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