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Originally Posted by Mr Toad View Post
... I suppose it is 3 speed in that case wouldn't I be better off replacing the whole fan with a new 2 speed one.
In my view, no you wouldn't. My reasons for saying that are:
  • A new 2 speed system is expensive. A set of brushes for your 3 speed cost 20.
  • You don't have an unreliable resistor to worry about with the 3 speed.
  • The 2 speed is noisier than the 3 speed.
On the V8 you have to cut the shroud to clear the aircon pipes ... I assume it is the same for the KV6 ...
You will read posts which say that it is, but with a bit of ingenuity and by taking my time I managed to re-brush my 3 speed fan motor without cutting the shroud.

If you do decide to replace rather than repair, perhaps you'd consider offering your removed 3 speed to Arctic.

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