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Searching for threads about headlight bulbs, I found this and wow, my prayers have been answered!

Currently have halogen headlights, twin reflectors and twin projectors (Mk2 75). Eyesight diminishes with age and living where I do (rural Northumberland), no street lights, narrow twisty country roads etc. Past couple of years I've been avoiding driving at night. I think your Quad Xenons (with white DRL's) are the answer!

A few questions if I may.
  • I presume that I buy, you send me headlights, I fit then send you my existing ones? How long do I have to send you mine? Depending on the weather etc I might not be able to swap them out for a few days or a week.
  • Are yours a straight swap, unbolt and unplug my old ones, bolt and plug in yours?
  • Related to that, do the ballast units fit within the headlight units or do I have to mount them somewhere outside (as you know, there's very little free space directly behind the headlamp units)
  • Once swapped do the new headlights need to be aligned?
  • My headlights are not self leveling nor do I have headlamp washers. Does this matter? (I read that Xenons need to be self leveling?). Would this affect the MOT?
  • Longevity. I've not had Xenons before, how long do the bulbs last compared to Halogen bulbs? If the bulbs need replacing are they easy to source and fit?
  • I presently have DRL's turned off via T4, would that setting need to be turned on for your DRL's to work?
  • Apart from the colour of the light, is there any practical difference between 4300K and 6000K?

Ideally I'd come to you to fit, but it's a long way for me to drive, would have to stay somewhere overnight etc. So fitting them myself come the autumn would make sense (I'm well capable).

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