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Default Headlamps restored today, great results

Recently bought a 3M Headlight Restoration Kit for 17 of eBay as another member had recommended it on threat on here. As the weather was good today, thought I'd take the front end off the ZT and get a few jobs done along with the headlamp restoration.

Here's the kit:

I've tried previously a couple of times to restore the headlamps by hand using wet and dry sandpaper but never got any good results on my ZT, although it did work well on the 75 last year. However, I have to say this kit is fantastic, headlamps fully restored and really clear.

Kit comes with gold and white sanding discs and a polish, and all works with a household drill.

So finally have clear headlamps on my Zed

Here's a before and after shot I took, unfortunately the camera doesn't pick it up properly but the outer lense on the left is refurbished and the inner lense isn't.

Decided to do the headlights on my dad's 75 too as they'd faded quite badly.

Before: can't see into the headlight very well.


Very happy with the results, well worth 17 and a hour or so of your time. Now to see if it lasts, hopefully the headlamps stay like that for a good period of time before they need doing again.

Would recommend to anyone looking to restore their headlamps


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