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Cool Day 894 of the lockdown.................

....................................... and itís raining. But we are all ok. Still not venturing too far as the hooman said we could get a second wave. We then had to Explain to Holly what was meant by a second wave. Finally Beatrice told her to go To the window and wave to every second hooman she saw. Keeps her occupied. Weíve been going over to see the Castle Bears but only in small groups. Both Yogi and Beatrice go every time as they know the way. Us small bears get carried there and back, saves our tiny feet from aching.

Our hooman, Bob, has been gardening. Holly is still eating the weeds and breaking wind but as she sleeps on her own in a sealed box in the bottom of the cupboard itís not a problem for us. The only Bear that seems unaffected by her breath is Boozy, but he is 8 parts to the wind most of the time. Stores all the rotting berries, letís them ferment into a lethal juice. I cannot make up my mind which is worse the scrumpy or the berry juice.

Iíll get the hooman to put some photoís up so you can see what we have been up to. Weíve all got new bedding, the hooman was going to throw some old towels away, so we nabbed them. Grumpy Grandpa is an ace with needle and fred. And the hooman has started giving us pocket money again. But only if we carry out the jobs we are given.

Our bus, Pooky Bear, is away for her MOT but will be home tomorrow. We can all pile in without her moaning, unlike Banana who moans if we drop a crumb on her seats. Hoping we can go to the seaside this weekend.

Got to go now as itís chow time.

Keep safe everyone, see you all real soon.
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