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Default Thumbnail pics v. full pics.....

You may not be aware but Registered Users cannot see the full pics from thumbnails (Subscribed Members can click on the thumbnail and see the full picture, providing they have the necessary software to do so). Might be an idea to expand the thumbnails into the body of the post This simple procedure could help to maximise your selling abilities

Once you have uploaded the thumbnails, edit the post and the thumbnails will be shown at the bottom of the page. Right click on a pic and select "Copy Image Location". Then go to the main body and select the 'postcard' icon (). CTRL +V the link into there and the pic will appear in the main body Repeat as necessary BTW the pics can be inserted into your post wherever the cursor lies.

An example of the difference between thumbnails and full pics can be seen here.....

Hope this may help you guys

Ich Dien
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