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Originally Posted by crashmarks View Post
Regarding my enquiries with the UK technical manager into whether BMW ever used a hotter thermostat in the M47R engine, this is the reply I have received.
Well done on getting the response, even if it's not what we were hoping for.

I'm still trying to find an alternative thermostat and I'm off to my local parts dept tomorrow, with what I've found. But BMW's reply that it would'nt make any difference doesn't bode well. This is born out by tales of good mpg obtained by members with stuck-open thermostats.

As for the motor being too (thermally) efficient, then why does it use so much diesel for the power output? As T-Cut said, it seems the cooling system is the thing that's too efficient! James' idea of restricting the air flow to the radiator has been put to me by others and currently seems the best solution. Perhaps someone can devise a way of diverting some of the air blasting through the grille into the air intake.
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