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Originally Posted by bluemalbert View Post
First: quote: 'set the AC to demist function' My other ZT has the demist button but not this one as its a different (older) panel. (see piccy) So, do I switch on the ignition/aircon/blower/set to windscreen in order to get to the same state as above?
Yes. Set the centre rotary control fully clockwise to the windscreen demist position. Does the LED in the 'A/C' button illuminate? If not, press the 'A/C' button so that it does.
Originally Posted by bluemalbert View Post
Second: ... the same test gives nothing across the farthest apart terminals (yellow/grey to black but does give a click ...
Great care is needed identifying the wiring colours. There is slate/yellow and yellow/slate! The first colour is the main one and the second is the tracer. Confirm your identification by looking for the tiny terminal numbers moulded into the plastic connectors:

1 = slate/yellow
2 = black
3 = yellow/slate
4 = black

To check the faster fan speed you need to bridge terminals 2 & 3.
Do you have a 2 or 3 speed fan Mal?

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